Airopower offline semi automatic UPVC pipe end Chamfering Machine suitable from 40mm to 250MM UPVC pipes end with front facing attachment & 15˚chamfer angle tool mounted directly on Adjustable face plate (tool holder) driven by heavy duty shaft with block bearing and torque motor arrangement.

Pneumatic clamping, Auto pneumatic Slide systems with pneumatic Chamfer length guide systems, Electrical panel with chamfer time gearbox control and pneumatic control.

Fully wired and plumbed unit with one set of tools and 63MM to 250MM OD pipe clamps.

General Specification / Special features

  • Easy to operate with semi automatic operation with compact and portable design, overall machine size 650MM x 1400MM x 1100MM Height.
  • Pipe supporting stands (450MML x 350MM W x 800MMH) with pipe guiding extention stand with guide rollers suitable from 3 meters / 6meters long pipes.
  • Stabilized three Phase – 440 Volt AC, 50 HZ supply with 2.5SQMM cable with proper neutral.
  • Pneumatic pressure required 8kg to 10kg/cm² filtered & regulated lubricated air. Incoming pressure should be set on 8 kg/cm² to 10 kg/cm²
  • Direct Mounted 2HP maintenance free motor. Total connected load 1.5kw.
  • Standard pneumatic Cylinders and accessories with FRL unit.
  • LM block sliding systems and Leaner cage bearing clamping system with Hardened shafts & pneumatic cylinders. (maintenance free)
  • Fast operation with auto stop. Pedal switch for start pulse.
  • Suitable from 2MM to 12MM wall thickness PVC pipes.
  • 120 to 200 pipes per hour chamfering / facing speed.

Product Range