Airopower make Semi Automatic PVC Pipe end Socketing Machine with retractable oven & mototorised pipe rotation system (Clock wise & Anti Clock wise direction) for externally insulated Infrared Heating Chamber with four External & one Internal Heater fitted with Water cooled jacket to control socket length & pipe face burning.

One Semi Automatic Pneumatically operated smooth socket forming station with socket Logo embossing, water spray cooling & Ejection cyclic operation with all in one digital process micro controller.

Completely wired & plumbed with 2 Nos of pipe supporting stand.

Best suitable for PVC PIPES size Dia 50mm to 250mm from 1 meter to 6 meter length.

Special Features

  • Easy & Quick Die Changing Design.
  • Digital Temperature controller with Sensor for Heating Systems.
  • Infrared heater’s heating chambers (Inside S.S) with Suitable Insulations.
  • Embossing device attached to get companies monogram on each Formed socket.
  • Stainless Steel (304) tank for Water Storage.
  • Hard chrome plated Mandrels.
  • High Quality Standard makes Pneumatic Cylinders.
  • Pipe Supporting Adjustable stands for 6 meter long pipe.
  • Powerful pipe Ejection system after socketing.
  • Easy operation process with digital display and alarm indication.
  • Cooling Water Sprey after Embossing with cyclic operation.

General Specifications

Machine Dimensions 1250MML x 1450MMW x 1675MM H
Pipe Supporting Stand 1250MML x 300MMW x 900MM H – (2 Nos)
Maximum Electrical Load 2.5 KW Single phase 220V AC 50Hz with Neutral
Tooling Sets (Dies) Socketing Punch (Mandrel): SS 304 above EN8 Material with hardchrome plating, Fitted on SS Shaft Aluminium,
Socket Guide as per Pipes Wall thickness. Ejector plate with internal groove,
Silicon O ring as per size

Product Range