Airopower make contact type Pipe Piece Heating System 2 Station with 1000W Flat Heater and aluminum main heating base to adopt 50mm to 200mm Heating Cavities of different lengths.

Complete 2 cavity unit with all electrical Digital PID type temp controller and control Panel.

Pneumatically operated PVC Pipe tailpiece forming press machine from 50mm – 200mm with adjustable stroke cylinder and S.S. water circulated cooling gauge.

Pneumatic Ejector with alarm indication.


Vertical oil immersion type Heating system with 1000 w Flat ceramic heater on S.S. 304 electric heating tank of size 300 x 300 x 200 Deep, suitable from 50mm to 200mm pipe cut pieces heating for reducer and tail flange forming.

One guided pneumatically operated adjustable press for with S S Water cooled Disk plate of die 225mm for forming Tail Flanges, Reducer coupler forming attachment with respective Tooling Set.

NOTE: Tail flange forming Tooling set suitable for any one type of Tail Flanges i.e. Fix flange type or open over size flange separate tooling parts required for each type.

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