Longitudinal Reversion Test

Electric Hot Air Oven Range 0 to 250o with digital temperature controller with +/- 20C accuracy Force drought (Air Circulated Oven) to control equal hot air temperature any where in chamber.

Out side body with MS Sheet and powder coated in Siemens gray Colour properly insulated.

Inside Chamber of S.S 18" x 18" x 18"

Electric Hot Air Circulation Oven (Memert Type)

Hot Air Ovens are sturdy double walled units Inner chamber made M.S chamber and outer made of Mild Steel Powder Coated. Inner Chamber Is M.S aluminum paint. Gap between the walls fitted with glass wool insulation to avoid heat loses. Heating elements are made of high grade chrome plated Air Heater. Temperature is controlled by thermostat. Temperature range 30 C TO 250 Degree and Accuracy : +- 1 C Air Ventilations are placed on top of both sides to remove hot gases / fumes. Fitted In Left and Right Side Air Heater (U Type S.S Tubular).

All the control switches & pilot lamps are fitted on the front panel.

Inner Size- 24" x 24"x 24" (L x W x H)

Ratting Watts- 3.5 Kw 3 nos.

Product Range