Semi Automatic pneumatically operated smooth socket PVC Pipe Belling from 20mm to 110mm with one forming station of Solid Steel mandrell & cooling by External water pump spray, Monogram Embossing & Ejection Automatic cyclic operation.

One externally insulated Infrared Heating Chamber with External - Internal Heaters.

Two pipe supporting adjustable stands with Guide Rollers.

Dual Station Heating chamber for Pipe End Heating with Manual Pipe Rotation Guides.

Water cooled jacket for pneumatic pipe face burning.

Special Features

  • Compact & User friendly Design.
  • Atomized Cycle operation (Socketing, Embossing, Cooling, Ejection)
  • Cycle counter after socketing.
  • High Quality Solid Steel Tooling with Hardchrome plating.
  • Infrared Heater Dual Heating station for faster Output.
  • Required Only Single Phase 10Amp – 230VAC supply.
  • 6 Bar Filted air connection required.

Pipe Supporting stands with Guide Roller for 6 meter pipe length.

General Specifications

Machine Dimensions 1000mmL x 1000mmW x 1600mm H.
Pipe Supporting Stand 800mmL x 300mmW x 700mm H. – ( 2 Nos)
Maximum Electrical Load 2.5 K.W Single phase 220V AC 50HZ with Neutral
Ejector plate with internal groove, Silicon O ring as per size.

Product Range