SWR Semi Automatic Offline PVC Pipe End Belling Machine from 40mm to 110mm S.W.R system (rubber ‘O’ ring) Type belling by Air blowing mandrel& external moulds in One Piece water cooled Mould base. Two Nos. Internal external pipe end contact type heating stations. Machine Includes Pneumatic Air reservoir, FRL and one Pipe supporting stand with Guide rollers.

New powerful pipe ejection system which also improves socket groove quality and consistency during socket forming process.

General Specifications

Machine Dimensions 1200mmL x 750mmW x 1500 H.
Pipe Supporting Stand 800mmL x 300mmW x 700mm H – ( 1 No).
Control Panel Electrical control panel with digital display of cooling (forming) Programmer, temperature controller, cycle counters & other
Tooling Sets (Dies) Blowing Punch (Mandrel): EN8 materials with hard chrome plating 4 parts assembly punch Ring, Blow Punch,
and Silicon U Seal & Punch Guide.Mild Steel material with hard chrome plating & companies monogram, Pipe size
engraved on it (Aluminum casted moulds Optional) each size of tooling set consist of 2 Nos. of ID & OD constant
type hard chrome plated heating cavities with Stainless Steel brass band heaters.

Product Range