APS Automatic Online Rotary type hot embossing colour printing machine for HDPE, LLDPE, PVC & PP Pipes, with 3 digits Sequential counter meter suitable for 10mm to 250mm outside diameter of pipe. Hot embossing with required colour & Printing tape.

Special Features

  • It is totally mechanical base machine without motor.
  • The logo and letter marking is made with brass material character height from 4mm to 15mm max.
  • Sequential counter is mounted for measuring length of the running Pipe in meter.
  • Heating controller heater one stereo provided with the machine.
  • You can change the embossing (Printing) colour by changing special printing tape as per your requirement.


Airopower make online Hot Stamping marking machine is designed to mark (emboss) all type of Rigid Polyethylene flat surface profiles during continues extrusion process.

Profile Stainless Steel roller heated by infrared heater will mark on plastic profiles top surface as per requirement.

Machine requires single phase power connection for Heater controlled by digital PID temperature controller. All other machine operation do not require any power or motor drive. Machines all rollers and driven by profiles leaner motion.

Product Range