APS make Online/Offline PAD offset ink printing machine suitable for Dia 20mm to 250mm PVC pipes or PVC pipe byproducts with close cup Ink Dispensing on plate & Image transfer by flexible sliding pad on axially moving or stationary pipe or profile surface diameter.

Fully Automatic PLC Based electro pneumatic operation with Pipe Linear speed sensor for exact position printing and selectable printing options. Fully Wired & Plumbed Unit.

With Batch number marking attachment.

*NOTE: Basic Machine includes one set of (One printing master plate, One silicon printing pad, One Ink cup & One Ceramic Ring)

Special Features

  • Superior Quality single Colour Printing.
  • Selectable Printing mode, ie- no of prints per pipe is settable through P.L.C.
  • Integrated with production line so exact position of Printing can be achieved.
  • No spillage or Wastage of Ink due to close Cup technology.
  • No drying of Ink in large Intervals.
  • Heavy duty user friendly Design suitable for PVC Extrusion Production Lines.
  • Cost effective & Maintenance free machine.
  • All pneumatics are components ISO Slandered Festo pneumatics Make.
  • Machine Includes ink Cap, wiper ring & One Printing Plate with both side printing Master & Rubber Pad.
  • Synchronizes with very low or very high Linear speed of Extrusion lines.

General Specifications

Maximum Printing Size 45mm x 320mm
Batch Number marking Size 6mm x 80mm or 10 characters maximum
Plate Size 500mm x 100
Pad Size 250mm x 45 ( Depending upon Marking matter)
Machines maximum Printing Speed 15Prints/ Minute or 900 Prints/ Hour.
Machine out side Dimensions 450 x 950 x 900H
Stand 400 x 950 x 900 H

Product Range